Check Out this Award Winning Non Toxic Mosquito / Cockroach Repellent that last for 30 Days

Award winning Antimos 301

Antimos Mosquito Repellent is unlike any conventional mosquito control solution.

It is scientifically developed based on Chinese herbalogy study in Asia.
Instead of purely using Citronella just like ordinary natural mosquito
repellents, its breakthrough patented formulation contains three
other safe and natural ingredients, Pine Oil (from Pine Tree), Garlic
Oil, and Camphor Powder (a white crystalline substance, obtained from
the tree Cinnamonum camphora).

The right formulation of these four ingredients will numb mosquitoes’ peripheral
sensory nerves and olfactory system, hence, disrupting their sense of
smell. Since mosquitoes rely on their sense of smell to find the source
of its blood meals, they will be unable to find their targets once their
sense of smell is disrupted.